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17th November 2021


Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 17th November 2021

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Lorna Wheeler

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

John Herring

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Josie Herring

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Pat Alker

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

Steven Lister


1. Apologies

Joy Tuft


Apologies to anyone who sent apologies to Alex. His email was compromised and messages were lost.

2. Minutes of meeting held 29th September 2021 were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record. The date was wrongly entered as 20th September on the website.

Alex welcomed everyone to the meeting. Lisa Smith was only able to attend for the first 15 minutes.

3. Matters Arising from the meeting held on 29th September 2021

Nothing to report.

4. News from the Surgery

The following information was provided by Lisa Smith, the Practice Manager

The surgery has been very busy with typically 400 telephone calls on a Monday and 300 per day in the rest of the week.

One trainee doctor would leave at the end of December and another is due to start meaning we will have 2 third year and one second year trainees.

It is hoped that a new salaried (i.e. not a partner) doctor will be able to start soon. Maternity leave and Covid isolation have left reception short of personnel. The patient questionnaire is being given to patients who have seen a clinician.

Chronic disease clinics and patient medication reviews are re-starting as time allows.

The Kingston Centre is running out of the Pfizer vaccine and will have to close as it will revert to its original use as a school. Alternative sites are being sought.

2 more over 65 flu vaccination clinics have been arranged and we await a further delivery of the under 65s vaccine.

The surgery will be closed as normal for 4 days at Christmas.

5. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

This ppg is the district ppg that can be attended by all the individual ppgs in the area. The next meeting on Microsoft Teams will be next week.

The link below is for the structure of the Stafford and surrounds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

6. Parish council matters

Pat Alker reported that the main activity is the Christmas lights switch on on the 27th November. A new GMK magazine is ready for distribution. The new Co-op store in Gnosall is due to open next week.

7. Treasurer's Report

We don’t need to change the name of the account but we need to update authorised signatures.

8. Correspondence

Nothing to report.

10. Web Manager’s Report

We have started to make the changes to the website to reflect the change of name. We will be registering the web address as but the old name will work for the moment..We have adopted the logo as seen at the start of this document.

11. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Alex tabled a draft letter to be sent to the various parish councils covered by the practice. It was agreed that a one page format was best and that sending after the distractions of Christmas would be better. It might be useful if the Stafford Newsletter were to publish details of meetings

12. Any Other Business

The possibility of joining the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) was discussed briefly. There are costs involved. £60 to join and £40 per year afterwards.

12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 19th January 2022 at 2PM at the Health Centre.

Meeting closed at 3:15 PM.