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20th November 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 20th November 2019

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Geoff Brown

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

Lorna Wheeler

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Stephen Delaney

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

Ian Macmichael

Pat Alker

Joy Macmichael

Lynn Fellowes

Christine Jones

Arthur Butler

Yvonne Brown

Steven Lister

Viv Hillier

Jan Lammin

John Herring

John Eve

Josie Herring

Carol Eve

Lorraine Bates

Margaret Bourne

Charlotte Bassett (Pharmacist)


1. Apologies

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

David Lang

Joy Tuft

Laurie Worthington

Allan Mills


The new Pharmacist, Charlotte Bassett introduced herself and will normally be at the pharmacy between 9AM and 6PM Monday to Friday. She anticipates staying in Gnosall for a number of years. Saturday opening is unlikely to be feasible. Suggestions that the pharmacy could open earlier to help people going to work are being passed on to Day Lewis management but would require extra staff so may not be looked on favourably. She then left the meeting.


2. Minutes of meeting held 18th September were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.


3 and 4. Matters Arising and News from the Surgery


The Phoenix club meets in the Grosvenor Centre on a Friday and has 160-180 members. It has presentations on a variety of subjects and various groups


Would it be possible to not issue repeat forms for those who order their repeat medicines on line?

Many patients spoke in praise of Dr Green and expressed the hope that maybe he could become permanent if finances allow.



The following notes were provided by Lisa Smith

The leaflets referred to will be available at the Surgery

Comments in italics were answers to queries and the leaflets mentioned are available to view on the Forum website under Forum leaflets


News from the surgery PPG meeting 20th November 2019

  • Waiting Room – We will soon have installed in the foyer a patient satisfaction tablet to enable patients to rate their experience of the surgery (this will be in the form of a question as below)

How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?)

There will be smiley face options for the response- this will replace the current paper system which is not working.


  • Telephone System – Scheduled to be installed Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd We are still waiting for the information to port the numbers to be approved so may have to be delayed again.


  • Extended Hours – The way we provide these appointments will be changing from 18.11.19, we will still offer the late Monday evening appointments with the GP between 18.30 and 20.00. However, we will stop the nurse appointments during this time period. We have recruited a Physicians Associate who will provide extra appointments during core hours for chronic disease reviews and minor ailments and illnesses. We feel that this change will benefit the service we provide during the winter months to enable patients to attend during the day rather than in the dark evenings.


  • Staff


1. Nurse Nicola Wright has tendered her resignation to the practice and her last working session will be the morning of Monday 2nd December; We will be very sorry to lose her as she is a valued member of the team


2. Nurse Becky Loach will be returning on reduced hour’s contract from 6th January she will be working 20 hours per week on a Monday, Thursday & Friday


3. One of our Medical secretaries Eileen Mantle will be retiring from her role on 29th November and we have successfully recruited a replacement Rachel Perrin who started with us on 12th November.

This will give extra time for the secretaries to process referrals etc.


4. I am currently in the process of re-designing the nursing services provided by the practice which includes recruiting a new nurse to ensure that we have consistent service provision across the whole of the week. We will be utilising locum nurses potentially until the end of the year until the team has been stabilised.


5. Physicians Associate Ellie Foster will start 19th November (see leaflet)


6. We have employed an apprentice to work in both reception and admin areas her name is Lorna Glover and she starts work on 18th November she will be full time

This will lead to an NVQ qualification


7. Sian and Kathy UCP’s have recently qualified as prescribers which will improve the services they provide to the patients (congratulations to both)

They can also make referrals for X-Rays etc.


8. Sian Wood one of our UCP’s has given birth a beautiful baby boy and Sharron Evans has recently become a Grandmother for the first time (congratulations to them both)


  • Facebook – Facebook is going well and we have more people following on a daily basis Ashleigh Davies and myself are the administrators for this site and we hope to increase more practice based notifications alongside the NHS ones


  • Primary Care Network – Meeting 19th November – We discussed the Enhanced services offered by the CCG and would require acceptance by the PCN to provide service to cover the whole patient population of the PCN the services we discussed and how we intended to provide them is detailed below:


  • Service

    Agreed service provision

    Start Date

    Mental & Physical Health Checks

    This will be provided by each individual practice to its own patients. Non patient identified information discussed as a group, shared format for documents and criteria


    Enhancing Health in Care Homes

    This will be provided as a PCN with agreed plan and processes


    Primary Care Anticoagulation Level 4

    This will be offered by individual practices with the facility for patients to attend other PCN practices if required, each practice to purchase equipment to provide this service



Next PCN meeting 14th January 2020

  • CQC – We have now been officially notified that we will receive a visit sometime before end March 20. I am in the process of compiling a work plan to ensure we are prepared (which I will share with you when it is completed)


  • Gnosall Dental Service - The dentist has served notice to terminate its lease with ourselves as of 8th May 2020; they are relocating to alternative premises in Gnosall. We are in the process of undertaking due diligence on what services we could provide from the vacant site. We would hope to re-lease the space to another provider as we do not need any more space for GP services and would welcome any suggestions from you?


  • ONE Health & Care – you may have noticed some information in reception to advertise this new service initiated by the CCG which will launch in early 2020

This is a digital shared care record for people living in Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent enabling sharing of information across different organisations involved in your health and social care. It allows doctors, nurses and other registered health and social care professionals directly involved in your care to view relevant information in order to provide you with better, safer care.(see leaflet or online at Patients can opt out of this


  • Veterans Accreditation

We have now been accredited and have started to produce a register of veterans to ensure that they receive the appropriate services in a timely manner.

Lisa Smith will find out if the Veterans includes families


  • Flu clinics – We have had an excellent uptake of patients receiving the vaccine and now have received our delivery of the vaccine for the under 65 patients and continue to vaccinate on an ad hoc basis. We may provide one more set clinic for any catch up required.


  • Confidentiality - To help with confidentiality in the reception area I have considered playing a local radio station for patients whilst they are waiting. Do you have any thoughts on this?


  • Events update

Thanks to the generosity of staff and patients we have managed to raise the follow amounts for recent events:


Wear it Pink £117.00

Macmillan Coffee morning approx. £178.80

Children in need £172.00


Fantastic effort from everyone involved


Upcoming events / notices in the practice:

  • PCN Meeting

    19th November

    Afternoon closure for training

    5th December

    Save the Children Christmas Jumper day

    13th December


    25th December


    26th December


    27th December


    1st January

    New phone system installation

    Date to be confirmed

    Patient Questionnaire

    Date to be confirmed


Lisa Smith left the meeting.


5. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Victor Scofield reported on the latest CCG meeting. The project to integrate the various surgeries via IT links is proceeding but linking different systems has many problems to overcome. Some areas are linked whilst others are not. The 6 local CCGs are not planning to come together as most were not in favour.


6. Parish council matters

Pat Alker reported that the Forum leaflet had been distributed in 2000 copies of the GMK magazine thanks to the efforts of Ian Macmichael and others

It now seems likely that the Surgery car park can be used for when the funfair is in the village as it raises money for good causes

The dementia garden has been delayed by illness and the weather.

The over 84s tea party is on 14th December and the Christmas lights will be switched on Saturday 23rd November.


7. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report.


8. Correspondence

Alex had a couple of NHS communications. One informed that some decisions were in ‘purdah’ due to the general election


9. Web Manager’s report

Please send comments and any contributions to The ability to print copies of the minutes via the website needs improving.


10. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

The practice has a Facebook page. Does the Forum need one?


11. Any Other Business

Alex welcomed new members to the Forum and expressed the hope that they will continue to come to meetings

One patient expressed dislike of the telephone triage system in operation at the surgery but others explained its necessity for guiding people to the appropriate service for their problem. Maybe the recorded message could be improved?

A discussion about missed appointments followed


12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 15th January at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Meeting closed at 4:17 PM.