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16th October 2019

Minutes of AGM held on Wednesday 16th October 2019

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

John Eve

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Carol Eve

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Joy Tuft

Steven Lister

Ian Macmichael

Laurie Worthington

Joy Macmichael

Lynn Fellowes

John Herring 

Allan Mills

Josie Herring













1. Apologies

Pat Alker

Victor Scofield

Jan Lammin


2. Chairman’s Statement

Alex read out his statement to the approval of the meeting.

3. Election of Officers

The following were proposed, seconded and duly elected:

  1. Chairman Alex Bradshaw

  2. Deputy Chairman Victor Scofield

  3. Secretary Sue Bradshaw

  4. Minutes Secretary and Website Editor Peter Dawson

  5. Treasurer Alex Bradshaw

Alex reported that the balance of £513.35 had been used to fund the leaflet printing which cost £335 leaving a new balance of £178.35

4. Dates of meetings for 2020

Wednesday January 15th

Wednesday March18th

Wednesday May 20th

Wednesday July 15th

Wednesday September 16th

Wednesday October 21st AGM

Wednesday November 18th

All meetings to start at 2PM at The Gnosall Health Centre


That concluded the AGM business and Alex opened a general discussion

Alex reported that he took part in the CQC assessment Phone call mentioned last month but he was not permitted to speak. A site visit by the CQC is proposed in about 6 months time.

Ian Macmichael reported progress on leaflet distribution so that by mid November around 3,000 will have been circulated leaving 2,000 still available. Copies will be included in the next delivery of the GMK magazine.

A general discussion followed regarding the proposed re-siting of the on site Dentist elsewhere in the village. This is proposed so that they could offer extra services and extended opening without the Surgery being open. This led to a general feeling that we should be pushing for extended opening of the Surgery in line with the moves within the NHS to use facilities at the weekend. Presently the Health Centre lies dormant for the whole weekend.


The meeting closed at 3.17 PM

5. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 20th November at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Chairman’s Report


What a difference a year makes! 2019 has witnessed many changes at the Gnosall Health Centre.


I am very pleased to report that the forum continues to attract new members. It is also very satisfying when we have patients from a variety of backgrounds and work experiences becoming the architects of new thoughts and ideas. This situation is very much welcomed and reflects the real interest that exists within the Patients Forum. More members are, however, always very welcome.


We continue to discuss a wide range of topics on matters concerning the Gnosall practice and the wider National Health service. We also have reports on various items of interest generated from the wider Patients Participation groups which are assembled from other practices throughout the Stafford and surrounding areas.


We again recognise that there is a national shortage of doctors. We are fortunate at Gnosall to fare rather well. We currently have 3 General Practitioners, all being partners in the Practice. A Locum Doctor and Urgent Care Practitioners - Support Services Staff – Patients Services Staff – Health Visitors – Midwife (in the Gnosall surgery who work on a rota) Physiotherapists, Care Facilitator, Wellbeing Worker. We also have Diabetes and Coronary Heart disease clinics. Gnosall is also a Training Practice.


I started this report by saying ‘What a difference a year makes. This is most certainly very much the case at Gnosall Health Centre.


We are very pleased to welcome our new Practice Manager – Lisa Smith. Lisa is a very experienced Practice Manager who has brought some very exciting new initiatives to the Practice. I am equally pleased to say that the forum is consulted and indeed asked to contribute to many of these initiatives. The whole exercise has proved the value of the Patients Forum to the Patients who we represent and to the practice.


The forum has launched the second edition of the ‘leaflet’. This publication has been produced after much work and consideration of its content. It is a very colourful and full of information based on the facilities available at Gnosall Surgery. The ‘leaflet’ gives more information in more detail than that already written within this report. Copies are available in various locations within the Gnosall catchment area and in the surgery waiting room. Patients who visit the surgery are encouraged to take a copy of this ‘home grown’ publication with them.


We also have a new website All the meeting minutes and agendas are available to read as well as details of ‘News from the surgery’ which are also included together with other information. We have yet to fully discuss the advantages of the use of more social media sites which could include Facebook and or Twitter for example.


In spite of all that has been written in this report we still have a great deal to do. We need to become a Top class patients forum representing the patients of the Gnosall Medical Practice and working closely with the practice itself to achieve the top class status that we jointly aspire.


I would like to thank all our loyal forum members for their help and support during 2019. In particular the patience and determination of Ian Macmichael and Steve Lister for the production of the ‘leaflet’. To Peter Dawson who takes the minutes of our meetings and then, even more technical, to include them on the website! I also include my sincere thanks to Lisa Smith, the practice manager who has bought some much and welcomed initiatives to the practice and her commitment to include the Patients Forum in the process.


Thank you.






Gnosall Patients Forum.



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