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18th September 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 18th September 2019

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Geoff Brown

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Lorna Wheeler

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Laurie Worthington

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

Ian Macmichael

Pat Alker

Joy Macmichael

Lynn Fellowes


Allan Mills

Christine Jones


1. Apologies

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

David Lang

Steven Lister

Richard Brandram Jones

Jan Lammin

Yvonne Brown

Joy Tuft

Trevor Ashton



2. Minutes of meeting held 17th July were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.


3 and 4. Matters Arising and News from the Surgery


The following is information provided by Lisa Smith, the Practice Manager who was unable to attend in person. Thanks to Lisa for providing such a detailed document.


News from the surgery PPG meeting 18th September 2019

  • Waiting Room – Improvements continue (although not as quickly as I would like) We have received a request from a patient to provide a few higher chairs for elderly patients who struggle to sit in and get up from the current chairs. I will discuss this with the partners, but do not envisage any issues in complying with this request.


  • Telephone System – The Installation of the new telephone system has been delayed due to the current providers not providing information to BT which has been requested by the new provider. I have emailed the current provider today to try and rectify the issue so that we can move forward.


  • Extended Hours – The late evening appointments offered between 6.30pm and 8pm for the practice nurse are being well utilised and we will continue to offer these for the time being with a further review after the Christmas period


  • On Line Consultations / Triage – As discussed at the July meeting we have now progressed and we will go live with this on 1st October a reminder on the service is detailed below

Features and benefits

  • Gain the right support with a system that’s clinically designed and approved.

  • Easily triage patients by using details recorded via electronic forms.

  • Reduce pressure on your services with self-help resources and links to other providers.

  • Streamline your workflow with EMIS Web and Patient Access integration.

  • Reflect local or national health needs by customising information.

  • Improve patient safety with a red flag system alerting you to serious symptoms


Round-the-clock clinical support for you and your patients

By giving your patients the ability to seek your advice via electronic forms and access self-care resources 24/7, Online Triage provides everyone with convenient care whenever it’s needed.Covering 91 different topics, all 75 forms offer comprehensive support as they can be completed by patients or by those who care for others. You can be confident that your patients are receiving the right help too, since every single form has been authored and approved by a team of over 20 GPs, as well as’s clinical director, Dr Sarah Jarvis.Those in your care are also able to better self-care with access to self-help resources, including 200 videos. And with the ability to customise links, you can meet your wider health strategies by directing patients to areas of your choice.



  • Facebook – I previously advised you that I would try and organise a demonstration of Facebook for the practice. However, this has not been possible due to various reasons, mainly finding someone that has the time to do it.

The Facebook page has gone live today. Please let me know who on the PPG would like admin rights to add things? I propose that I provide a demo at the next meeting? I will advertise it in reception, all new patient packs, Website etc.



  • Practice Website – This is now up and running and I hope everyone has had the opportunity to have a look at it. Please let me know if you have any requests for changes?


  • Primary Care Network – We now have our Social Prescriber in place his name is Robert O’Leary and he sees patients in the practice every Thursday. At present referrals can only be done by clinicians. Robert is able to see and advise patients on the following:

Loneliness and Isolation

Financial Issues / Debt management

Welfare benefits & Housing


Training / Employment

Social Activities

Physical Activities, Health improvement & Weight management

Confidence & Self-esteem



  • Complaints- At the last meeting I advised that I provide some information on complaints and I have detailed below some information that you may find useful

Complaints period 29th April 2019 to 17th September 2019 Total number of complaints received in this period 16 (compared to 7 in the whole of last year)


Type of Complaint

Area of Complaint









Service provision


On -going












Key: Clinical = any health professional within the practice

Admin = any administrative processes

Reception = complaints about individual receptionists

Service Provision = not being able to get an appointment when required or with clinician of choice or anything else that is not working well

I would be happy to discuss this further at the next meeting if required

  • CQC Telephone interview - Will take place on Thursday 19th September at 2pm, Alex has been invited to sit in on the call – the call should take about 60 – 90 minutes where we will be asked to respond to 19 set questions (I can organise for a list of the questions to be sent out to you with the minutes for your information?) The team that will be present for the call is as follows:

Dr Cooner – GP Partner

Lisa Smith - Practice Manager

Sharron Evans – Support Services Lead

Ashleigh Davies – Patient Services Lead

Alex Bradshaw – PPG Representative

It will be sometime after this call that the CQC will decide if we require an on-site inspection and we will be notified accordingly.

  • Flu clinics – We have now started booking patients into the clinics with our first session being 28th September. This first clinic is for patients aged 65 and over and we will be arranging subsequent clinics for the under 65’s and alternative dates for 65+

Scheduled Saturday clinics are: 28.09.19 – 12.10.19 -09.11.19

  • National Network Computer Problems – We have been experiencing significant issues with our computers where we have no access to our clinical system. The problems encountered include:

No access to patient’s records

Unable to book appointments

Clinicians having to write consultations on paper and enter onto the system later

Not being able to provide patients with results or issue medication

These issues have been intermittent with some lasting a significant amount of time.


 This is a national issue and the cause is reported to be the N3 connection. We have not yet been advised that the problem has been resolved. However, things have been better this week.

Our patients have been very understanding and staff have been coping very well with the disruptions.

(Computers are great when they work)

Upcoming events / notices in the practice:

  • Macmillan Coffee morning

    27th September

    1st Flu clinic

    28th September

    On line consult go live

    1st October

    Maternity leave Urgent Care Practitioner starts – Josh Morris

    7th October

    CQC Quality Visit / meeting

    10th October


    16th October

    Wear it Pink day (Breast Cancer)

    18th October

    Sian Wood Urgent Care Practitioner starts Maternity leave

    21st October

    Patient Questionnaire

    Date to be confirmed

    Children in Need – Charity row

    Date to be confirmed

    PPG Meeting

    20th November

    Save the Children Christmas Jumper day

    13th December


Comments from the group.

Hope to see a demonstration of the Facebook page at the next meeting.

The Surgery website link to the Forum site isn’t easy to find. There are easy to use links from the Forum site to the Surgery site and to EMIS access.

The group welcomed the information about complaints.

It might be of interest to use the following link apropos of the computer problems with the N3 network.


5. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Alex and Victor have attended PPG meetings and Victor reported that Primary Care Networks (PCN) are designed to have 30-50,000 patients each so as to be small enough to be care but large enough to be able to share some resources that would not otherwise be available. Linking of the IT network used by New Cross Wolverhampton and Cannock hospitals with the local network is being pursued but it’s not known if it’s working yet.


6. Parish council matters

Pat Alker reported that money made from the funfair, cutting the hay, the token scheme in Waitrose Newport and grants was being used to fund the dementia garden. A young drivers’ day is being held 7th October to highlight the dangers on the roads following the tragedies on the A518. Police and Fire Service will be there.

A question was asked about the possibility of using the Surgery car park when the funfair is in the village.


7. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report.


8. Correspondence

Nothing to report.


9. Web Manager’s report

The new website is up and running. Please use it and comment. Thanks to Bob Alker for all the assistance he has given to making the site possible. Please send comments and any contributions to


10. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Ian Macmichael distributed distributed copies of the new patient leaflet and arrangements are being made to distribute copies in Haughton and Derrington as well as Gnosall.


11. Any Other Business

One person complained that she had had to make multiple visits to the Surgery for blood tests and results when perhaps they could have been organised in a way to minimise visits.


12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is the AGM on Wednesday 16th October at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Meeting closed at 4:00 PM.