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16th May 2018

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 16th May 2018 2pm Gnosall Health Centre Present Sharon Evans (Head of Support Services)  –  Alex Bradshaw (Chairman) – Sue Bradshaw (Secretary) – Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman) – Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary) – Steven Lister – Ian Macmichael – Joy Macmichael – Geoff Brown – Lorna Wheeler – Maggie Loveless – Geoffrey Woodhead – Dorothy Woodhead.– Trevor Ashton – David Lang – Peter Gilliard – Sue Barton

1. Apologies Thereza Forrester (Head of Patients Services)  – Jim Twiss – Simon Wheeler – Nicola Greaves (Practice Manager) –  Richard Brandram Jones – Peter Ash – Pat Alker – Joy Tuft – Dee Broadhead – Anne Castledine – Yvonne Brown – Alan Wheeler

2. Minutes of meeting held 21st March were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record. 

3. Matters Arising

Anna is available for physio assessment on a Thursday. This can be booked without seeing a doctor.The Patients’ Forum Constitution document requires revision.

4. News from the surgery

Alexa Lewis is available once a month to help with mental health, CV writing and benefits issues. A notice is in the waiting area.On the EMIS system, there are some queriesIs the summary record visible to the patient the same as would be available in  another location.Does the doctor see any notes that the patient adds to repeat prescription requests.Some patients are still receiving extra prescription items even when they haven’t been ticked on the repeat form. If details can be presented, the practice management will investigate.There are plenty of problems with getting an appointment with a doctor. The urgent practitioners or a phone call back from the doctor may help in some cases. A message explaining the role of the receptionists in deciding how to deal with a call is in use now and was thought to be helpful.There is no news on a replacement for Dr Westwood; there is a national shortage of GPs. Could a physician’s assistant be considered? Is there any chance that a podiatry clinic be re-instated as the one in the civic centre is not convenient.The forum is not mentioned in the documents produced by the surgery and they don’t comply with the NHS constitution. Alex has raised this with Nicola Greaves. No response so far.

5. Patients Participating Group and other external reports (PPG)

More practices are starting Patient Participation Groups. Patients want extended access services. Skype may offer one way forward.The issue of the disposal of sharps was created by an error in the commissioning service agreement; this can only be changed when this is re-negotiated. There is no time scale for thisThe workshop to help practices set up PPGs was held in Hednesford at the end of March. It was well attended. Practices will be encouraged at a senior level to engage with PPGs.

6. Parish council matters There will be an assembly at the Grosvenor Centre at 7:30 PM on Thursday 24th May.

7. Treasurer's Report

No news.

8. Correspondence

The pharmacy is about to appoint a lead pharmacist. The hope is that then Day Lewis may be able to increase the services provided by the pharmacy. The chairman has not received a response by writing to his contact at Day Lewis so has escalated the message by writing to the chairman. We await a response.

9. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Much discussion about the merits and potential problems with a website and/or a Facebook page. We should investigate how other PPGs mange these media.The logo re-design still requires that the relationship with the practice is properly documented.We await a response from the practice management about the Statement of Purpose not mentioning the Forum.

10. Any other business

Are new patients given an information pack. Can the surgery answer this?Could the surgery perhaps take part in a, say, 30 minute slot on topics such as dementia or treatment of 2 or more co-morbidities.

11. Date of next meeting.

Wednesday 18th July at the surgery at 2PM. A member of the clinical team is expected to attend.

Meeting closed at 4.07PM.