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16th January 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 16th January 20192pm Gnosall Health Centre



Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Thereza Forrester (Head of Patients Services)

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Hilary Maggs

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

Dee Broadhead

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Anne Castledine

Nicola Greaves (Practice Manager) 

Yvonne Brown

Sharron Evans (Head of Support Services)

Jim Twiss

Trevor Ashton

Simon Wheeler

Richard Brandram Jones

Alan Wheeler

Lorna Wheeler

Maggie Loveless

Joy Tuft 

David Lang

Steven Lister

Sue Barton

Ian Macmichael 

Peter Ash

Joy Macmichael

Christine Jones

Lynn Fellowes

Geoffrey Woodhead


Dorothy Woodhead


Geoff Brown


Pat Alker

Alex spoke briefly in memory of the passing of Peter Gillard, a valued member of the forum.

2. Minutes of meeting held 21st November were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.

3. Matters Arising and 4. News from the surgery

It had been agreed that it would be helpful to explain training roles via the big screen in the waiting area and on the website. The surgery is waiting for this to be followed up by the forum. The delay time indicated on the self booking in screen only shows the time until the actual appointment time rather than any delay with the practitioner.

Nicola Greaves reported that practice nurse Louise Shaw is leaving the surgery and potential replacements are being interviewed. She also commented on the new leaflet being produced by the forum. We need to obtain, through her, permission from all those named in the leaflet. The podiatrist does not do any NHS work.She also reported that measures are being taken to ensure continuity of supply for medicines after Brexit. In response to a comment about having a visit from a doctor or coming to the surgery she pointed out that there is a Voluntary Car Service and Community Link that can provide transport to the surgery or to hospital. Health visitors provide support for children up to school age but not for adults.

Nicola and Sharron left the meeting at this point.

5. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Various initiatives are taking place. Safe Space and Your Voice may be coming to be a higher level on top of the PPG. The forum expressed concern that this sounds like an expensive increase in administration. Alex said that about half of the government promised £20.5billion is expected to be spent on IT. At present results of tests done in one hospital may not be available to a consultant in another hospital.

6. Parish council matters

at Alker reported by email that she hoped to be able to come to more meetings as other meetings which clashed have been re-scheduled. She said that the Parish Council were contacting the County Council following another fatal accident on the A518 last week.

7. Treasurer's Report

Alex is making arrangements to cover the cost of setting up the website and the production of leaflets.

8. Correspondence

Nothing to report.

9 Web Manager’s report

Trevor Ashton can be contacted by email at was unable to demonstrate the website due to connection incompatibility. There is still no link from the surgery website to the forum website. Alex will pursue this with Thereza Forrester.

10. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Ian Macmichael distributed copies of the new leaflet for comment. Nicola greaves had already commented. There was some discussion as to whether 1,142 missed appointments was very bad or whether it was only a very small percentage and allowed for in the reservation process. Photographs of the main staff members are being arranged for inclusion in the leaflet. Ian Macmichael will email, for comment, a new version of the leaflet when it is ready. He also distributed copies of the leaflet produced by the surgery which forum members hadn’t seen.

11. Any Other Business

The minutes will be sent by email and forum members will be asked if they can now access the minutes via the website with a view to only sending a link to the minutes in future.

12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday 20th March at 2PM at the Health Centre.

Meeting closed at 4:12PM.