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17th July 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 17th July 2019

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Geoff Brown

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

Lorna Wheeler

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Laurie Worthington

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Ian Macmichael

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

Joy Macmichael

Lynn Fellowes

Steven Lister

Joy Tuft

Jan Lammin

Pat Alker



1. Apologies

Richard Brandram Jones

David Lang

Geoffrey Woodhead

Christine Jones

Dorothy Woodhead

Yvonne Brown

Anne Castledine

Trevor Ashton



2. Minutes of meeting held 15th May were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.


3. Matters Arising and News from the Surgery


The following is information provided by Lisa Smith, the Practice Manager


News from the surgery PPG meeting 17th July 2019


  • Waiting Room - Progress has started to clear the clutter and re organise, next stage is notice

boards and topics as below:


Primary Care Network (PCN)

General Information

On line consultations

Phone System Changes

Available clinicians (who, where, when, why)

Health Visitors

Health Awareness (staff board)

Prescription request boxes to be wall mounted - Staff photos (behind Reception)


  • Telephone System - Order placed to be installed September 2019 after LS holiday

This will provide enhanced features.


  • Extended Hours - In addition to the Extended Access we currently provide on a Monday evening between 18:30 - 20:00 as part of the PCN contract we now have to also provide extended hours. We did consider that we might provide these as a PCN as a whole. However we have decided that we will all provide them as individual practices to cover our own patients. Gnosall have to provide 4 hours per week extra appointment capacity which can be a mix of face to face and telephone based on patient need. Options we have considered -

             Weekend [- GPs are unable to provide this due to the number of hours currently worked in the week and the Extended Access service is currently offered at weekends.]

Phlebotomy service between 18:30 and 20:00 for workers and people who can only be brought to the surgery in the evening - [Unable to provide this service as the courier comes in core hours and there are many bloods we would not be able to keep in the fridge and them still be viable the next day when the courier could collect them]

Early morning appointments before 8am [- A GP would need to be on site and this would have an effect on the rest of the day]

  • We have decided to trial a nurse service on a Monday the same night as extended access between the hours Of 18:30 and 20:00 1.5 hours covered we only need to 4 patients per hour (but we will be seeing more) patients can attend for:




Ear Syringes

Travel advice etc.

  • For the remaining 2.5 hours we will offer telephone consultations during core hours in between face to face clinic sessions during the middle part of the day.
  • Suggestions from PPG gratefully received?


  • On Line Consultations - Due to the increase in demand encountered by a lot of practices in recent months (which is going to get worse before it gets better) and taking into account patients living longer, increase in chronic disease / conditions we are having to look at all available options to manage this change to enable us to free up appointments for patients who truly need to see a GP. We have begun to look at options on how to manage this. On line consultation allows patients to access a whole library of health advice allowing the patient to self-care. If a patient wishes to contact the practice they can do this via an on line form which is emailed to a secure email address, the forms present the patient with appropriate questions relevant to the condition with suitable warnings / suggestions etc. Practice can even create forms.
  • Practices have full control over what is displayed and can even create bespoke; this is a system where patient can be directed by our website, patient access to input symptoms and receive sign- posting advice This does not replace the GP service but could help some people manage the demand especially for minor ailments.


  • AccuRX This system allows Clinical Team and administration teams to contact you by text message. The text message goes direct to your mobile phone from the person who is typing it (a GP or admin) and a copy of the text is stored in your clinical record to enable a secure audit trial and helps everyone understand saving time and costs on letters / constant phone calls.


  • If a GP is trying to contact you and has tried several times a message could be sent to say call when available leaving to GP to get on with other things. If the receptionist answers your call when you ring in they will be able to see who sent you the text and what it entails to direct you to the most appropriate person.
  • A GP could text you direct if they want to inform you that your test results are back and advise normal or offer information
  • A receptionist could advise you that we have been trying to get in contact with you as the surgery phone number is withheld and patients do not sometimes answer the call, resulting in the receptionist keep on ringing or sending out a letter which causes a time delay if treatment is required.


  • COMPUTERS - Are all being upgraded this week to Windows10 and should not have any impact for the patients

Facebook - The partners have all agreed to give this a trial, LS now in a position to talk to the person that would be helping to set this up and see if I can organise him / her to come to a PPG meeting

Practice Website - This has now been re-built and the host is happy to add on a link to the PPG site - should be live week commencing 22nd July - link sent to Alex Bradshaw 15.07.19

Need to organise a meeting with Bob and Peter re the PPG website and logistics of updating when linked to new practice website_

New Trainees -

Tom Leggett ST3 12months

Emily Robins F2 4 months

Alex Dawson F2 4 months

All start 7th August 19


Neil Green staying for a further 6 months should have finished Aug 19

New year 5 beginning of September to 8th November ( don't know any details as yet)


Primary Care Network Update- Surgery Pharmacist recruited starts Aug / Sept (same as current one)

Social prescriber terms and conditions being agreed to Start as soon as possible. (long term high attenders to practice)


Queries were raised about whether the Pharmacy would be open during any extended hours. Lisa also said that the AccuRX system had been successfully trialled elsewhere in the country.


Charlotte Bassett has been appointed as the new Pharmacist.

Lisa would tackle the issue of complaints in a general way at the next meeting.

Nurse led group consultations could be considered. Topics might include diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), carers.


Lisa left the meeting at this point. Tea, coffee and biscuits were provided as promised.


4. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Victor reported that amalgamations of commissioning groups is being considered as the current ones aren’t big enough.


5. Parish council matters

Jan reported that many projects for tidying up the village were progressing well The board walk is being raised to avoid flooding and the play and picnic areas are being developed. The dementia garden should get funding soon.


6. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report.


7. Correspondence

Nothing to report.


8 Web Manager’s report

Trevor is unable to manage the site he created and a new website is now under construction. There was a discussion as to whether the new site should keep the name as Forum or change to ppg. Those present voted overwhelmingly to keep the group name to Forum so the new site will be called


9. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Ian Macmichael distributed another draft version of the new leaflets and opened a discussion.


10. Any Other Business

The meeting expressed the view that Lisa Smith has already had a positive impact on both the Surgery and its relationship with the Forum.


11. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday 18th September at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Meeting closed at 4:00 PM.