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15th May 2019

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 15th May 2019

2PM Gnosall Health Centre



Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Geoff Brown

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

Lorna Wheeler

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Richard Brandram Jones

Lynn Fellowes

Ian Macmichael 

Joy Tuft 

Joy Macmichael

Pat Alker



1. Apologies

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

David Lang

Hilary Maggs

Sue Barton

Dee Broadhead

Peter Ash

Anne Castledine

Laurie Worthington

Yvonne Brown

Geoffrey Woodhead

Jim Twiss

Dorothy Woodhead

Simon Wheeler

Trevor Ashton

Alan Wheeler

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

Maggie Loveless

Christine Jones

Steven Lister

Sharron Evans (Head of Support Services)

2. Minutes of meeting held 20th March were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.

3. Matters Arising and News from the Surgery

Lisa Smith attended as the new Practice Manager; Nicola Greaves retired at the end of March. Alex asked Lisa to relate to the Forum some of her background. She gave a brief history She has had many year’s experience in the NHS and comes to us from Holmcroft Surgery in Stafford.


Lisa reported that there is a proposal to create a Primary Care Network that would link Gnosall Surgery with those at Weeping Cross, Mill Bank and Castlefields in Stafford. The practices would still be independent but share Connect Services. More details when this plan is approved. The new GP contract has an increased focus on Primary Care.


Lisa is looking into replacing the Practice’s telephone system which would have enhanced features for voice recording and automatic connection to patients’ records. She has undertaken to review the way the noticeboards and the big screen are used in the waiting area. She also told the meeting about the successful use of Facebook at the Holmcroft Surgery and will conduct due diligence with a view to introducing a similar system in Gnosall. Someone will come to a future meeting to demonstrate the system.

There are still problems with the way that the system for repeat prescriptions works. Items are being dispensed when not asked for and others are not getting items that have been requested. Lisa will review the whole system. Joanne is leaving the Pharmacy and a replacement has not yet been appointed.


On the subject, previously discussed, of ear syringing, Lisa said that Microsuction is likely to be preferred as a safer option. This procedure would probably be done at another practice. Social prescribing such as well being, mental health, cognitive behaviour, is an area under discussion.


Lisa left the meeting at this point but said that tea, coffee and biscuits would be provided for the next meeting.


4. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Alex reported that these meetings are not well attended and that many practices are struggling to create successful groups.


5. Parish council matters

Pat Alker opened a discussion about the felling of the trees the other side of Haughton. Many people have objected to the plan and have suggested less drastic measures such as crash barriers. Anti social behaviour where canal boats have been vandalised has been nipped in the bud. The sensory garden should be under way soon. 2 newly elected Parish Councillors will be coming to the meetings in future as well as Pat.


6. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report.


7. Correspondence

Nothing to report.


8 Web Manager’s report

Trevor Ashton sent his apologies.


9. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

Ian Macmichael distributed a draft version of the new leaflets and opened a discussion. Photographs have now been taken for inclusion though the turnover of staff means that it will be impossible to keep current.


10. Any Other Business

Nothing to report.



11. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is Wednesday 17th July at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Meeting closed at 3:58PM.