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19th September 2018

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 19thSeptember 2018

2pm Gnosall Health Centre


Nicola Greaves (Practice Manager) –  Alex Bradshaw (Chairman) – Sue Bradshaw (Secretary) – Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary) –  Lorna Wheeler – Geoffrey Woodhead – Dorothy Woodhead.– Trevor Ashton – Richard Brandram Jones – Hilary Maggs 

1. Apologies

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman) – Thereza Forrester (Head of Patients Services) – Sharon Evans (Head of Support Services) –  Steven Lister – Ian Macmichael – Joy Macmichael – Geoff Brown – Jim Twiss – Simon Wheeler –  Alan Wheeler – Maggie Loveless – David Lang – Peter Gillard – Sue Barton – Peter Ash – Pat Alker – Joy Tuft – Dee Broadhead – Anne Castledine – Yvonne Brown – Derek Butlin


2. Minutesof meeting held19thJulywere agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.


3. Matters Arising


Nicola Greaves said due to the new data protection laws, patients may need to re-apply for online access.


4. News from the surgery


There won’t be a new female doctor appointed in the near future. Two female Urgent Care Practitioners will start in the autumn. Sian Wood starts in October and Kathy Daffner in November. The Clinical Pharmacist Parina Dattani will start soon. She will be able to carry out medication reviews and treat minor ailments.


Diabetes clinics and coronary heart disease clinics are held every Wednesday afternoon. Patients need to be referred to these clinics by a doctor.


Extended access to services is now available. This is provided together with practices in Stafford Cannock and Rugeley so that appointments are available between 6:30 and 8:00 PM Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Discussions are still taking place with Katherine House so that a member of their team would be available to help with palliative care. Funding has to be obtained.


This year’s flu vaccination programme is under way and 750 patients were seen at the first session. Appointments available at reception.


5. Patients Participating Group and other external reports (PPG)


Alex Bradshaw attended the last meeting where the major topic was the government backed plan to integrate the many different IT systems in use in the NHS. This will be a very big task.


6. Parish council matters


No news.


7. Treasurer’s Report


No news.


8. Correspondence


None received.


9 and 10. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.


The chairman thanked Trevor Ashton for implementing a website not directly connected to the Health Centre website. Trevor repeated an appeal for suitable content for the site to be sent to him by email urgently. The web address is


11. Any Other Business




12. Date of Next Meeting


The AGMwill be at 2PM on Wednesday 17thOctoberat the Health Centre.


The next meeting is Wednesday 21stNovember at 2PM at the Health Centre.


Meeting closed at 2:50PM.