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AGMOctober 2021

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 29th September 2021

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Lorna Wheeler

Victor Scofield

Christine Jones

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Joy Tuft

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Allan Mills

Steven Lister


1. Apologies

Pat Alker

Ian Macmichael

Josie Herring

Joy Macmichael

John Herring


2. Chairman’s Statement

Alex outlined his statement to the approval of the meeting.

3. Election of Officers

The following were proposed, seconded and duly elected:

  1. Chairman Alex Bradshaw

  2. Deputy Chairman Victor Scofield

  3. Secretary Sue Bradshaw

  4. Minutes Secretary and Website Editor Peter Dawson

  5. Treasurer Alex Bradshaw

4. Dates of meetings for 2022

Wednesday January 19th

Wednesday March16th

Wednesday May 18th

Wednesday July 20th

Wednesday September 21st

Wednesday October 19th AGM

Wednesday November 16th

All meetings to start at 2PM at The Gnosall Health Centre unless decided otherwise at future meetings.

That concluded the AGM business and Alex opened a general discussion.

The main discussion centred round the Group’s name and the need to update and simplify the constitution. It was agreed that the Forum should be renamed Gnosall Patients’ Participation Group in line with the National standard. It was also agreed that the Group’s website would be re-named

Alex tabled a draft for a new constitution. Concerns were raised about the need to get younger patients and patients from outside of the immediate Gnosall area. Difficulties include the times of meetings where younger patients might prefer evenings but getting the essential participation of the Practice management in the evening has been very difficult in the past. As the Surgery is at the Gnosall Health Centre it is inevitably very Gnosall centric.

Alex will change the Building account to reflect the name change and the necessary changes to authorised signatories and Peter Dawson will organise the website changes.

Alex suggested that the Group needs a new logo and would welcome suggestions. The logo would be used in publicising the Group especially with the surrounding parishes.

The group may want to consider joining the National Association for Patient Participation.


The meeting closed at 3.17 PM

5. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 17th November at 2PM at the Health Centre.