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29th September 2021

Minutes of meeting held on Wednesday 29th September 2021

2PM Gnosall Health Centre


Alex Bradshaw (Chairman)

Lorna Wheeler

Sue Bradshaw (Secretary)

Ian Macmichael

Peter Dawson (Minutes Secretary)

Joy Macmichael

Lisa Smith (Practice Manager)

Joy Tuft

Pat Alker

Josie Herring

Steven Lister

Jan Middleton


1. Apologies

Victor Scofield (Vice Chairman)

John Herring

Lynn Fellowes

Carol Eve

Allan Mills

John Eve

Laurie Worthington



2. Minutes of meeting held 15th January 2020 were agreed. The Chairman would sign as a true record.


Alex welcomed everyone to the meeting the first to be held as an open meeting since January 2020 and Covid. Lisa Smith was delayed by another meeting and joined the meeting after item 4.


3. Matters Arising from the briefing meeting held on 14th July 2021

The briefing meeting was held with only 8 present due to government Covid restrictions. Under the constitution dated 25th January 2012, we are obliged to hold an AGM on a date chosen by the members. Any changes to the constitution must also be decided at the AGM.


4. News from the Surgery


The following notes were provided by Lisa Smith, the Practice Manager


Notes for PPG Meeting 29/09/2021 2pm

Influenza - We are running our first flu clinic at the surgery on Saturday 2nd October for patients aged 65+ 

We have had a problem with delivery of all vaccines, which resulted in us having to cancel a clinic on 18th September we are not expecting to receive the vaccines for the 50-64 year olds until mid-October and cannot organise clinics until we have the vaccines on site in case there are further delays. 

COVID Vaccinations - We are currently working on our list of patients aged 80+ for Boosters and will move onto the next cohort 70+, live in residential care, immunocompromised, 16+ extremely clinically vulnerable and front line Health workers. All booster vaccinations will be given at The Kingston Centre, Fairway, Riverside, Stafford. 

Anyone who has not had their first or second vaccinations can still be booked to attend the Kingston Centre to receive these. 

ECGs - We have recently had our ECG machine serviced and will shortly begin offering ECGs at the practice in addition to the hospital. 

INR Star - We will soon be providing monitoring for Warfarin dosage via finger prick testing rather that a venous test and will be able to provide the patient with their result immediately, we have tried to get this service up and running previously but things have been delayed due to organisation of the patients that are suitable for this way of testing and set up of the equipment.

Annual patient questionnaire - I now have these on site and will soon be choosing a date to pass them out to patients for feedback. 

Complaints - Small number of complaints regarding pre bookable appointments and waiting time for hospital appointments. 

Winter pressures - Have already begun and we will be continuing to work as we are asking patients to ring on the day for an appointment. This will continue for the foreseeable future as the demand remains extremely high with everyone socialising more and returning to work and school. 

We feel that signposting the patients to the appropriate clinician is working very well and services are being provided in a timely manner and we are now offering patients a choice of face to face, Telephone and video appointments.

The blood pressure and height and weight machines are now back in use in the reception area. Patients have access to the surgery and we are still asking patients to wear a face covering as per all NHS organisations. 

We are making progress on inviting patients into the practice for appointments to undertake their annual review for chronic disease management and are trying to ensure that this involves as few trips to the surgery as possible


Questions To Lisa revealed

The ECG machine requires a new Bluetooth dongle as the old one doesn’t work with the PC ungraded to Windows 10.

A new caretaker is being trained to help but not replace Les.

All patients’ historic records have now been digitised and the paper originals are being shredded and filing cabinets removed.

Tubes for blood tests are still a problem and this has impacted routine tests such as those for diabetes. There are about 570 diabetic patients at the practice.

Covid vaccinations will probably be at the Kingston Centre if organised by the practice but at Holmcroft if you receive an NHS letter and book on line. The County Showground is no longer a vaccination Centre and has reverted to its normal function.


5. Patients Participation Group and other external reports (PPG)

Alex reported that there was very low attendance by other practice's ppgs and that some had ceased to exist due to lack of interest and Covid.


6. Parish council matters

Pat Alker reported that Covid has hit the council hard as there was no income from events at the Grosvenor Center so some projects such as the dementia garden had stopped. It was hoped that transport to the Kingston or Holmcroft Covid vaccination centres could be arranged.


7. Treasurer's Report

Nothing to report.


8. Correspondence

Nothing to report.


9. Patients recruitment to the forum and use of social and other media.

The brochure needs to be updated. The practice website has now been updated to include the various staff changes. We need to revive the interest in Facebook which got abandoned last year due to Covid. There is already a Gnosall Community Support Group on Facebook.


11. Any Other Business

Alex distributed some copies of the Forum’s constitution for members to peruse and come up with any suggested amendments for the next meeting.


12. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting is on Wednesday 20th October at 2PM at the Health Centre and will be the AGM as required by the constitution.


Meeting closed at 4:03 PM.