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                                          Communicating with Gnosall Health Centre


AIMS and OBJECTIVES of Gnosall Patients' Forum

To inform patients of changes and improvements at Gnosall Health Centre, and to give up-to-date information on senior staff changes, operating hours and changes.

To hear of new Health Care initiatives being undertaken by the practice.

To give the Practice feedback on any aspect of Patients Services and provide the practice with thoughts and ideas where appropriate.

A senior member of staff who will be in attendance at bi-monthly meetings usually held in the conference room at the practice on alternate Wednesday Afternoons.

NB. Complaints are dealt with directly by the practice. The Patients Forum is not a forum for complaints.

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Coronavirus News

Gnosall Surgery


Gnosall Health Centre

Brookhouse Road

Dr B S Cooner Stafford ST20 0GP

Dr M R Bermingham Tel: 01785 822220

Dr R Heatherley Fax: 01785 822776


Patient update on service provision during the Pandemic


This update is to ensure that we are keeping our patients informed of how the surgery is working on a daily basis during this difficult time.


We would appreciate your co-operation on the information provided below –


  • Changes in the way we are working: To protect our staff and to enable us to continue to provide essential services on a daily basis we have split our staff into two teams. Each team has a compliment of staff from each area of the practice this includes GP’s, Practice Nurses, Receptionists and Administrators, only one team will be on-site at any one time and we hope that this decision will allow us to prevent any cross contamination amongst the teams. This should allow us to continue to provide essential services.


Triage Service: You will have noticed that any calls coming into the practice are being triaged by clinicians. This is for the benefit of you as patients and our on-site staff. Should the clinician feel you need to been seen they will ask you to come down to the practice at a specific time to ensure social distancing is maintained. You will be met at the main surgery door and asked to use alcohol hand sanitiser before you enter the building, our staff may be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) please do not be alarmed by this it is for their own and your safety.


Practice nursing services: We are only offering essential services which include-

Essential dressings which you cannot do yourself at home

B12, Prostap / Zoladex injections

Childhood immunisations and contraceptive injections

Essential blood tests for monitoring of medication or requested by a clinician these appointments are bookable on separate days Monday for over 70’s and vulnerable groups and Tuesdays for under 70’s


Patients attending for these services will be asked to go upstairs


We would appreciate it if patients do not routinely turn up to the surgery without a pre booked appointment, as we may not be able to deal with your queries. Please contact us in the first instance by telephone.


  • On-line access: For patients that have on-line access we encourage you to use this to request a repeat prescription. The standard guidance it to only issue one month’s worth of medication so that we do not over burden the stock of medication at pharmacies. However, in certain circumstances we may be able to provide more than the recommended amount. If you require your medication to be delivered please discuss this with the pharmacy directly on 01785 822 228 The pharmacy has also changed its opening hours as follows: Open 9.15 to 12.30 Closed for lunch 12.30 to 2.30 end of day closure 17.45


  • On line consultations: We have an excellent service available for you to use which you can access via a link on our website or via your patient access log in. You can get lots of on-line advice 24/7 allowing you to check your symptoms, receive medical advice and contact the surgery 24/7 through patient access. You will gain access to a wealth of medical information including articles and videos. By filling in a simple health enquiry form you will be able to read information on how to treat your symptoms and advice on what to do next. The form will then come straight through to the surgery and we will review the information provided.


  • Sick notes / self-isolation notes: For any Covid 19 related issues please go to 111 on-line website and follow the instructions do not contact the surgery.


We have had many requests from patients regarding letters the government are sending out to our highest risk patients who will need to quarantine themselves for 12 weeks. Please be advised this is being organised nationally and the surgery is unable to provide advice or add patients to the list at this time.


For up to date Covid 19 information relating to social distancing and self-isolation please refer to www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19


For patients that require sick notes for any other reason please contact the surgery by phone.


  • Repeat medication requests – We are currently able to take these requests over the phone alternatively please drop your request slip into the letter box next to the main door. There is no need to come into the surgery to drop these off they will be dealt with in the usual way.








We are receiving new guidance on a daily basis and are trying to adapt our services in line with the recommendations and will try to keep you updated as much as possible if we need to change things that may affect the services we provided.


  • Isolation guidance -You may find that you are talking to someone on the phone or seeing someone that you are not familiar with this is because we may have staffs that are following the guidance to self- isolate and this will have an effect on our day to day staffing levels. I can assure you that you are in good hands and your care will not be affected in any way.



We would like to thank you for your co-operation and patience during this worrying time and re-assure you that we are here to help where we can.


Please help yourself by ensuring that you are following the guidelines regarding self-isolation and social distancing. Please do not take any unnecessary risks and hopefully normal service can be resumed as soon as possible



Many thanks for taking the time to read this information



Lisa Smith

Practice Manager


Note from the Chairman


Gnosall Patients Forum has witnessed a new dawn at the Gnosall practice during the first few months of 2019.

We have a new practice manager who has brought some very exciting and welcome initiatives to the practice. All of these initiatives have been supported by the Gnosall Patients Forum following consultation with the practice.

This liaison has proved the value of the Patients Forum in the day to day running of your health service with the views of the patients being taken very much into consideration.

The forum has launched the second addition of the ‘leaflet’. This publication has been produced after much work and consideration of its content. It is very colourful and full of information based on the facilities available at Gnosall surgery including photographs of the staff and clinicians who are currently employed or are senior partners in the practice.

The Gnosall Patients Forum consists of patients from a variety of skills and backgrounds. If you have an interest in contributing toward the continued success of the Patients Forum and keen to see and hear of the fast moving developments that are taking place not only at Gnosall health centre but the wider National Health Service then you will be most welcome to join us.

Its your health service